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Our focus at BM TechX is full stack for the enterprise.

We see many customers having acquired or developed their own solution via Data Scientists or Data Engineers. We aim to provide a full journey from development of model, automated deployment (CI/CD) and device management. we see this as an essential part of our solutions, and we define this as Artificial Intelligence Edge Management (AIEM)

Intelligent Factory Line Clearance (IFLC) is a full stack solution that utilizes latest technologies such as spatial awareness, Object detection combined with anomaly detection and augmented reality to accelerate Line Clearance in pharmaceutical production.

At BM TechX we use the Nvidia DeepStream SDK to build advance solutions with action recognition to register deviations in pharmaceutical or clean room production

At BM TechX we use the Nvidia DeepStream SDK to build advance solutions with action recognition to accelerate the shoppoing experiance


Selected services potentially delivered as standalone deliverables

  • Azure AI Edge Management
  • Azure AI Studio Development
  • Azure Management
  • Synthetic Data Generation
  • Data Object Tagging
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Integration
  • ML Model Development (Tensorflow, Pytorch, Caffe)
  • Continous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • MLOps Services
  • Real Time 3D rendering
  • Mesh mapping
  • DeepStream Pipeline creation & maintenance


We build
Affordable Customizable full stack AI Solutions
for industy 4.0

BM is a company focused on full stack AI solutions running at the edge with a focus Industry 4.0, Applied AI and customized solutions.

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Tuesday the 30th of august at 17.00-20.00 pm

About the event:

Join Leif Elgaard Høj from BM TechX and Ekaterina Sirazitdinova from NVIDIA in a “Lessons learned” and How-To evening in a low-key session with a small meal included. Nvidia recently launched the newest member ORIN, in their Jetson Family. The Nvidia Jetson AGX ORIN is the most powerful small form factored device available and presents a giant leap forward in capabilities and enable some unique opportunities for high-performance compute edge AI solutions.

Eskaterina Siraziddinova Bio:

Research engineer focusing on deep learning, computer vision and inference optimization. During her PhD studies, Katja was mainly working on the tasks of image-based 3D reconstruction and tracking, and afterwards spent some time doing research in deep learning for medical image analysis. She works as a data scientist at NVIDIA now, helping customers to solve their computer vision and video analytics problems. She also specializes in machine learning inference optimization and deployment of AI models on data center GPUs as well as in embedded / edge devices.

Leif Elgaard Høj Bio:

Leif is the CTO of businessman and have worked within the software development industry for more than 10 years and have worked on some of the biggest and most complex IT systems in Denmark. He is responsible for BM’s Technology Office and helps customers to utilize custom vision solutions daily.



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